Integrated macerating toilets

Integrated macerating toilets

Planus Wave

Wave is a toilet equipped with a built-in macerator pump. 
The macerator pump with stainless steel blades inside the toilet allows you to discharge through a narrow pipe to the nearest soil pipe. 

Wave is equipped with a soft-close seat.

Wave can be combined with the coordinated bidet.

In the new "All-in-One" version, it is possible to use the Wave toilet to set up a complete bathroom, connecting its coordinated bidet, but also a sink and a shower.

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Descaling detergent

Specific product for the maintenance of shredders. The planus descaling product used regularly improves the efficiency of the macerator, contributes to cleaning and prolongs its operation. It is recommended to use it every two months. In case of very calcareous water increase the frequency.