Control Panels

Control Panels

Planus SLIM All Frame panel

Control panel with reduced depth and size compatible with commercial frames.

Thanks to its small size, the Slim control panel is suitable for installation even on walls with shallow spaces


  • Reduced depth (1cm)
  • Contained width (standard 3 modules)
  • Compatible with BTicino Living, Vimar Plana, Vimar Eikon plates
  • 1- or 2-button versions

  • Version 1 Button

The toilet operated by this control panel performs an automatic discharge cycle leaving a certain amount of water in the pot.
It has full tank signaling light (you need to connect to a level sensor).

  • Version 2 Buttons

The toilet operated by this panel with two buttons is completely empty when not in use.
You must press the "Before Use" button to enter water into the jar and prepare it for use.
The "After Use" button makes the discharge.
It has full tank signaling light (you need to connect to a level sensor).

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Pneumatic Sensor

The increase in the water level in the tank generates a pressure that activates the electrical contact of the pressure switch. The water level detection pipe should be installed at the top of the tank, possibly in its center. The sensor is immune to false signals due to the movement of the boat. For complete reliability, the sensor has been designed without mechanical parts moving inside the tank.