Electrical safety level IP 68

Macerator boxes can be exposed to water.
For this reason, Planus developed ts Broysan series with the highest electrical safety level.


Non return valve with stainless steel shutter

The  Planus EPDM valve is designed with a particular geometry with two key effects. The stainless steel shutter guarantees a perfect closing, prevents the backflow of water and smells from the discharge pipe and also prevents unexpected activation of the pump.


Centrifugal pump with PATENTED anti-cavitation system

Planus has a patented anti-cavitation vent system which allows forthe perfect priming of the centrifugal pump. In this way, GEYSER transfer unit ensures better discharge performance and quiet operation.


PATENTED auto-restore system with Venturi ejector

Planus has a patented autorestore system with Venturi ejector that allows automatic compensation for inevitable small air leaks through automatic control systems activated via pressure. In this way, the operation parameters of the product remain constant over time and air leaks do not allow water to reach and damage the electrical components.



WC with multifunction seat

Planus presents the only macerator toilet with multifunction seat




WC with integrated bidet

Planus introduces the macerator toilet with integrated bidet jet.


PATENTED control Touch panel

Alternatively to a standard button, Planus toilets can be controlled by a luxurious wall electronic interface, made in crystal, with backlight and Touch system.