Maceration technique

Basket with roating blades is the most efficient grinding system

Planus SpA equips its Broysan macerators with stainless steel rotating blades inside a basket-filter. The solids from the toilet are held inside the basket-filter until they are fragmented into small parts, capable of passing through the holes of the basket. They are then expelled by the pump and discharged, avoiding the possibility of clogging the pump itself.
On the contrary, devices that use centrifugal pumps instead of a basket and rotating blades can't guarantee such a good shredding, because the time the residues have in the pump is extremely limited.




A product for every requirement

The Planus range provides for any type of installation of bathroom and kitchen utilities.
The macerator Broysan 4 is a high-end product equipped with 4 connections that allows the installation of a toilet, sink, bidet and shower.

The Geyser lifting unit is designed for the discharge of waste water and hot water up to 100°.
The high temperature resistance makes it possible to connect utilities such a washing machine, dishwasher and sinks. It is not designed for connection to a toilet.



Where macerators are used

Innovative technical features